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Yogyakarta - Indonesia
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  • Job Description:
  • We are looking for a Digital Marketing to work at our headquarters in Yogyakarta
  • (Jogja), Indonesia. Looking to get out and sprout? Cyberius is a technology
  • creation and solutions provider who takes on multiple clients at a time to make
  • their digital dreams come true. We are looking for a team player who can help us
  • with digital marketing.
  • Requirements:
  • * Be willing to learn and to be part of a team.
  • * Take directives well.
  • * Have some basic knowledge about Facebook marketing, adwords, adsense, Google
  • analytics, marketing messages, outreach, etc - all a plus.
  • * Communicate with and understand adequately the English language.
  • Education:
  • High School Graduate minimum preferred. We will also consider self-taught
  • enthusiasts, and those that have gained the necessary experience through life
  • and have a desire and drive to accomplish the job at hand.
  • Experience:
  • * Working effectively in a team environment (there is no “I” in TEAM).
  • * Working independently in a reliable and responsible way.
  • * Adding value to teams and growing as an individual.
  • * Taking criticism well and improving based on true criticisms.
  • * Learning and implementing new skills.
  • * Previous marketing experience a plus.
  • * Compelling ad creation a plus.
  • Skills:
  • * Facebook ads
  • * Google Keyword Planner / Analytics / Adwords / G-drive files, docs, and
  • spreadsheets
  • * Social media page creation and upkeep
  • * Learning and Implementing new skills
  • Responsibilities:
  • * Work closely with the Project Manager/Team Lead and the Head Digital
  • Marketer, as well as with clients.
  • * Learn, absorb, and implement as much as you can.
  • * Create content, and think of content to be written by Copywriters or created
  • by our Graphic Designers to bring a message to the audience. Create a content
  • creation schedule and implement it.
  • * Analyze statistics and propose and implement approved changes to marketing
  • plan.
  • * Search for SEO keywords and terms to be used in marketing messages for
  • projects.
  • * Contribute to online research for infographics, etc.
  • Attributes:
  • * Honest
  • * Timely
  • * Full of integrity
  • * Desire to learn and grow
  • * Desire to help with digital trends
  • * Contributes ideas to team
  • * Fun
  • Credentials:
  • Any certification in Digital Marketing a plus
  • Past job experience in Digital Marketing a plus
  • Any reference letters from those past jobs a plus
  • College experience a plus



  • 1000000-2000000 IDR
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