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Yogyakarta - Indonesia
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  • As a Digital Marketing, you will be responsible for devising and overseeing the
  • overall digital marketing strategy of your client accounts. You will be
  • comfortable discussing and devising new ideas to help them drive leads through
  • digital marketing and in tracking conversion rates and proposing improvements to
  • the overall campaign. You are also comfortable managing and utilising different
  • digital marketing platforms to help them generate results and in working with
  • other team members who will support you in managing your client accounts.
  • Requirements:
  • * You are someone with experience in digital marketing and you are looking for
  • an opportunity to develop managerial skill sets.
  • * Keen learner with an open mind – you’re willing to dig right in, roll up your
  • sleeves, and get your hands dirty
  • * Strategic thinker – you love to brainstorm cool ideas and don’t believe in
  • sticking to the conventional way of getting things done
  • * Strong analytical skills – you have a robust understanding of data and how to
  • use it in creative ways to drive and measure results
  • * Crave for new challenges – you see these as opportunities to grow and develop
  • yourself
  • * Extraordinary social and customer-centric person, excited to engage with
  • people at scale.
  • * Proficiency in English and Bahasa.
  • * Easy to work with, flexible to changes, be able to turn around projects
  • quickly.
  • * Background in running paid digital campaigns - Facebook, Twitter, Google,
  • etc.
  • * Experience with blogging and demand generation.
  • * Good written and spoken English skills.
  • Experience:
  • * Working effectively in a team environment (there is no “I” in TEAM).
  • * Working independently in a reliable and responsible way.
  • * Adding value to teams and growing as an individual.
  • * Taking criticism well and improving based on true criticisms.
  • * Learning and implementing new skills.
  • * Previous marketing experience a plus.
  • * Skills:
  • * Facebook ads
  • * Google Keyword Planner / Analytics / Adwords / G-drive files, docs, and
  • spreadsheets
  • * Social media page creation and upkeep
  • * Creating compelling ads
  • Responsibilities:
  • * Manage marketing budget and develop creative marketing ads and campaigns
  • * Implement and maintain web, SEO/SEM, email, social media, display advertising
  • campaigns
  • * Align marketing effort with content (editorial, social media and video
  • production) team
  • * Keep challenging the status quo by working closely with experienced marketing
  • mentor
  • * Build and optimize the company’s Social Media presence.
  • * Monitor and engage in relevant social discussions about the company,
  • competitors and/or industry.
  • * Run regular paid campaigns and track performance, with a focus on ROI.
  • * Work with everyone in the Global Creative Team to distribute content and
  • support our marketing strategy.
  • * Create and manage digital campaigns across different channels, including
  • Social Media, Display Networks and E-mail.
  • * Attributes:
  • * Honest
  • * Timely
  • * Full of integrity
  • * Desire to learn and grow
  • * Desire to help with digital trends
  • * Contributes ideas to team
  • * Problem solver
  • * Enjoyable
  • * Fun
  • Credentials:
  • Any certification in Digital Marketing a plus
  • Past job experience in Digital Marketing a plus
  • Any reference letters from those past jobs a plus
  • College experience a plus



  • 2000000-3000000 IDR
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